Superbeero Beer Pong Tournament! Plop! And Skoll!

me and all x beerballer



In the USA, Beer Pong has been the high-octane hit at parties for years. And it's gaining popularity on our shores now too. Strange as it may seem, Beer Pong events don't lead to drunken shenanigans, but instead to total group focus ahead of the bounce, and the biggest celebrations when the last cup is bagged. Sports! What can you say?

On 21 June 2023 you can be sporty for four hours starting at 8 pm, together with us and our event partners BeerBaller! 


Let's play ball!


  • Games will be played on 4 official Beer Pong tables (2.44m)  with American Red Cups (6 per side) under the laser eyes of the game master
  • The cups are filled with water
  • Players drink their beverage out of their own receptacle of choice
  • 4 hours of play in teams of 2 in a knock-out format
  • Register in 2-person teams (required)
  • The best teams take home cool prizes from BEERBALLER
  • Participation is free / max. 25 teams of two
  • Start at 8 pm. Try to be here half an hour early 

Register your 2-person team at the following e-mail address, stating "Beerpong ULM" in the subject line:

Last not least:

We organize a cheerful AMATEUR-Beerpong tournament and would like to ask professional and league players not to register. Watching and secretly giggling, YES. But playing along would be really mean, wouldn't it? Thank you

Spectators are welcome, when the time comes for: We sink it – You drink it!