Fries & Sparkling Wine. No more and no less.

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What could be better than an order of fries? And what beverage goes better with that than a glass of Bubbly?



The well-known sound of the band Kasalla mixes together things that don't normally fit, but somehow belong together nonetheless. And so it is that it takes no more than these two delicacies to celebrate the day.

Various styles of French fries meet up with a selection of Sparkling wine. You think that's a mismatch? Join us in a toast and let us convince you otherwise. A little tip for insiders: By sharing, you can try out all the different types of fries.

The whole night will be accompanied by the Rhythm Fellows with French beats.

Fries & Sparkling wine.

+++ 23 May 2023 +++ 7 PM TILL MIDNIGHT +++