Smalah Arabic Soulfood See it. Taste it. Love it. Share it.

+++ Opening Hours +++

MON - FRI | 12:00 - 14:00 hrs

MON - SAT | 18:00 - 22:00 hrs

Fresh. Creative. And absolutely shareable. SMALAH ♥

Your Arabic soul food pop-up kitchen at me and all ulm. Grab your friends!

With SMALAH you'll go on a wonderful, oriental taste journey that fantastically combines tradition and modern cooking. Unique compositions created with love, dedication and respect for every single ingredient. And fantastic dishes made for eating together, enjoying and sharing. 

"SMALAH means "big family". And that's exactly what our local heroes Christine and Larbi Hatim want you to feel like, when your are here. Whoever comes to us at SMALAH leaves as a "rich person". Satiable and with a smile on their face ♥

Menu & Drinks

About Smalah ♥


+++ The Smalah offers you high-quality Arabic cuisine, where the focus is on eating together with friends and family +++ 

The mission is clear: simple and honest. High quality and as regional as possible. Rather a few, but fresh and special dishes.

One thing is particularly important to Larbi and Christine Hatim: people should come together to eat and feel good. That's why, in addition to the main courses, there is also a great selection of so-called mezzes (starters) that can be shared wonderfully. 

Smalah, colloquially "big family", or "clan" reflects the idea of eating together in a family atmosphere. For Larbi Hatim, the most normal thing in the world. Full of pride and joy, he told us that at Smalah he mixes his childhood memories, his past and his experiences and shares them with you in a culinary way ♥

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ENJOY FINE ARABIC SOUL FOOD and the most beautiful view over Ulm ♥

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